Formed in 2009 and based in South West Florida, The Copperhead Band is a 5 piece, guitar driven full throttle, local Southern and Classic Rock band with a national act sound and presence. Comprised of the area's top musician's, copperhead assembled into a top notch, professional group without compromise.

The Copperhead Band plays only the music they love with an infectious energy and passion that shows in every performance. The Group has been fine tuning their music and crafting their show to be more than just a great bar band. Copperhead is a show band that is at home on the big stage with large audiences as well as smaller more intimate venues. Known locally as "The Guitar Army", Copperhead provides a full on frontal assault from 3 accomplished lead guitars, the tightest, rock solid rhythm section in South Florida, and vocals second to none!!"

The Copperhead Band" truly is a force to be reckoned with!!! Few can rival the musicianship, vocals, and showmanship of Copperhead!!

The Copperhead Train keeps moving ahead and we'd like all of you to get onboard for the ride. We're looking forward to larger shows and events as well as original material in the future!!

Come to a show and see for yourself!!

Copperhead is:

Gary Arnold ~ Drums, Vocals
Todd Rogers ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals
Tim Free ~ Bass guitar, Harmonica, Vocals
Tim Heggan~ Lead Guitar, Vocals
Dave Mac~ Vocals, Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar