Gary Arnold

Gary Arnold

Born in Springfield, Mass. Started playing drums at the age of 13. Played in local bands, school dances & parties.

Moved to Charlotte County, FL in 1972. Picked up the sticks again in 1977. Joined Warehouse Band in 1978. Played with Knighthawk band, gigging at local pub’s from 1985-1991.

Rocked for a few years with The Luther Coffee Band. (Hey, that’s where I got to meet Tim Free).

Joined Bandana in Venice 2001-2007…2009??? Played in Venice & Englewood area. (Hey, that’s where I got to meet Todd Rogers).

Started jamming again with Tim Free, we were thinking about Todd…soooooooo the three of us started jamming. Oh, did I mention Todd has an old high school buddy named Mark Rom.

With Mark, the band became whole and I must say, we do have a lot of fun!! My music roots are The Beatles, Hendrix, Cream, and any band that has chicks following them!